Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Dragon Den Digest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know how much you all enjoy your daily emails, but I'm wondering about trying to send you information about your day in new ways.

Here's one idea I had:

Step 1: Draw a Mind Map
Step 2: Take a picture of it
Step 3: Embed it using
Step 4: Ask you what you think on the blog...

What do you think? How can I make it better? More useful?

Should I include more information? What information?

Should I organize the map differently? Color-code in a different way?

Thanks for your thoughts!

~ Mr. Moore


  1. Dear Mr. Moore and Mr. Ulrich,

    On the mind map on independent reading, you forgot Raz kids and leveled readers. Also, you should make into a timeline and under each subject make some bullets points for the information. This is all I think you should do to the mind map.

    Randy 2m

  2. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I think that's a very good idea I really like that too! One way I think you can maybe make it better is by doing the times with it. Like what time we start and what time we end.I don't think you should organize it different I like how it is. I think the color code and everything.
    Your Student,

  3. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I think should grab are attention with a big sign telling us what to do. If that doesn't work try drawing a picture map thing what we have to do.

  4. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I think this new idea is very creative! I would prefer this zoom it thing because in our emails it would only tell us a bit about the day, and this amazing mind map tells us everything about throughout the day! I would recommend to use this zoom it thing not only to show whats going to happen throughout the day, but so us students can be ready!
    Your student,

  5. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I think this could be better than writing emails every day about our day. I think it could help because it could help kids read it more clearly. I think you shouldn't organize it a different way. I don't think you should because I think it helps kids a lot better the way it is. I also think you should use a different color-code. I think you should use a different color-code because it kind of confuses me and it might confuse other kids.
    Your student, Aubree

  6. I think you should put more detales on which is fears, scond, theard, so on. other than that every thing is grate.


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