Monday, November 14, 2011

Scientific Method: Tuesday

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Get out your headphones and check out this link, where you'll hear a song about the scientific method.

Next, take a look at this website.

Both of the links above ask you to complete a step before you have/ask a question. In a comment to this blog post, explain what that step is.

One more great resource to check out is located here...

After you've finished your comment, take a shot at this game which asks you to put steps of the scientific method in order.

Finally, take some time to read and think through these flash cards about the science fair and scientific method.

Thanks for staying on task and pushing your thinking!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich


  1. Dear Mr. Moore and Mr. Ulrich,
    The step before asking a question is to observe. To observe is to wonder.
    Your student,

  2. Dear Ms. VanderVelde,
    Is there going to be a eighth step?
    Your Student,

  3. Dear Mr.Moore,
    To ask a question,you ask a question about his/her project and you do research and answer your question.

  4. Dear,Miss.V
    Here is my question to you what if the question that we have and we research it is not found?
    Your student,Enrique14

  5. Dear Ms. V and Mr.Moore,
    A little help I need about the scientific Method is that I don't understand the anylze part in the scientific method.
    Your student,

  6. Dear Ms. Vander Velde, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Ulrich,

    I have two questions that I still have for the Scientific Method. My first question is, why do we need a variable(s)? My other question is, I need a better understanding of variables. Even though it said it on the flashcards I still don't understand.

    Your student,

  7. Dear Ms. V., What is considered a scientific question? Should we record our question before we research it?

  8. Dear Ms.v and Mr.Moore

    The one thing is when I have to find research and when you find research you only need specific information on your main idea.

  9. Dear Mrs. V and Mr. Moore,

    A question that I have about the scientific method is "Why do we have to have a hypotheses?" and "Why do we need to show our experiment to our judge.

  10. Dear Mr.Moore & Ms.V,
    I want more to learn about of the research.

  11. Dear Ms.V,
    Is still want to know how is it that you could build it do you need something to help you or what that is what I want to know so when i do my science experiment I could be ready and know what to do that way I wont have problem.
    Nayeli 1v

  12. Dear Mr.Moore,
    To ask a question you ask it about your project and you do research to answer the question.

  13. Dear Ms. Vander Velde,
    If I have a one wrong step for scientific method, is it possible to the result will not be successful?

    Your Student,
    Micah 13v

  14. Dear Ms.V,
    What I still wan to learn is that if don't have a question what do I do and plus I want to know is build my project .

  15. Dear Ms. Vander Velde,
    A question I still have about the scientific method is: Do we have to share our results from our experiment if the results aren't that important?

    Your Student,

  16. Dear Mr. Moore,
    The step before you ask a question is to observe it.

  17. Dear Ms.V,
    The question I have about the scientific method is how is record the information you got and analyze your data alike? I am wondering this because they are on the same step.
    Your friend,

  18. Dear Mr.Moor and Ms.v
    The help I need with the scientific method is the hypothesis. I need help with this because last year was hard for me to make hypothesis and that it is the hardest part for me. Thank you for the help.

    Your learner,
    Maddison Henry 24v

  19. Dear Ms.V
    I would like to know if we can Use many different materials in are project.


  20. Dear Ms.V
    I still have one question about the scientific method. I still have a question about the variable. What is the veritable. can you change the variable more then one time?That was the only question I had.
    Your student,

  21. Dear MISS.V
    Here is my question to you what i want to now is if you but gas in something wood it blast off or wood it go to haft on the meager tap

    Jerry Valdez22v

  22. Dear< Ms.V
    I would like to know more about is why are there so many facks abaut the sistum.

    Your friend

  23. Dear Ms.V
    the question that I have is that what is something else that can help us with our science project then what we learned and is there an other way.

    Dominic Bozonier -4v

  24. Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich,
    First, you take notes of the world around you and take notes. Then, you ask a question.
    From, Parker

  25. The First thing you have to do is to ask a look around. This step is called observe. The second thing is ask a question. This step is called questioning. The treed step is to make hypotheses.

  26. Dear Mrs.V,

    Why do we have to write data.


  27. Awesome topic! As a scientist I get to enjoy this exciting game of scientific inquiry on a daily basis and it's great to see your teachers' interest in this topic as well! While the name of the scientific process seems to indicate a recipe like approach to science, let me assure it is not! It's a exciting game of curiosity, creativity, ingenuity, experiment, and sometime even guessing! In addition to the many great links above you can learn more about the many ways we approach science problems here. You can also find an interactive flowchart here . Have fun with science!!

  28. Dear Mr.Moore and Ms.Vander Velde,
    Well now that I am in Middle school, We are learning about the scientific method. We did a expirement about Oobleck which is cornstarch and water. We ask how fast does it take to flatten out and it was 10 seocnd on average.
    Well I hope everything at East is awesome!!!!
    Mariah L. 6th grader


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