Thursday, January 5, 2012

TFK - 2011: The Year in Pictures

Mr. Moore's Writers,

Today, you'll begin a prompt. You'll write your response as a Google Doc, and then add it to the blog.

You will be writing about reading - in other words, you'll be writing a short literary essay.

The great part is that you  can choose any article from the TFK magazine. You'll need to make sure you have an opinion that you can write about using evidence from the text to support your thinking. You may even need to do a quick bit of additional research. The job has to be complete on Friday, so you will need to stay focused and on task.

Here's one resource that you may find helpful. It is a timeline of the pictures in the headline article.

You should also consider using the documents and resources in your Google Docs (like this one) from the last few weeks of writing before the break.

~ Mr. Moore

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  1. I read about people who smuggled animals. Two Japanese smugglers landed at an airport in Los Angeles, California. Agents found more than fifty live turtles from Japan. This is cruel. People who do this must be arrested.
    Animals from other countries could carry diseases. Birds can carry Bird flu. People can get sick because of people from other countries bring foreign animals to the united states. You can get sick even if you haven’t seen or touched the animal you can still get sick. Other diseases people can get is Salmonella. Salmonella is disease that turtles carry.
    Doing this to animals is cruel. The animal can die. When foreign people bring these animals it affects the animal because the animal is not at it’s habitat. Sometimes there isn’t the right food for a foreign animal in America.
    This country, America lets foreign people come live in America and they repay us by bringing illegal animals. People should just stick to normal pets. A dog and a cat. Maybe even hamsters or mice, fish.
    That’s why people should not do this. It kills animals. The animal might have a disease. America lets foreign people come here to live and have a job and they just bring illagal animals here to the united states.


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