Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses: Vocabulary

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please use this link to practice using the new set of vocabulary words. You'll need to sign in to Spelling City.

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde


  1. I think the author does a good job because I like to here all the questions.Zack asks a lot of questions. I also like how the author describes Zack like in the beginning it said were he worked,where he lived, and how the day is and how they get their news. On page 15 it said “Was I going to die in the middle of nowhere?’’ And I think this is very descriptive “ The wind began to blow and big dark clouds turned the sky black. I got up and ran after the horse. My boots were covered with mud and I slipped and slid. The mud began to ooze into my boots.’’ I liked that the author said “ooze’’ instead of slip.

  2. The author really is good at writing what it means to be an artist, the author shows me at an artis life can be really difficult. The author also does a really good job of explaining how much George cared for the Natives, the author wrote that George painted portraits of the natives to help their culture be remembered in the future when there is no native americans. The author also shows how hard an artist life is, he tells how George had to travel a lot, in the book it says that George traveled to St. Louis Missouri from western Pennsylvania. George also had to travel to the Native territories to paint portrait of the famous Indian leaders, like Black Hawk. It was also hard for an artist to carry all his equipment, George had to carry his equipment on their back and carry all those paints. So the author really did do a really good job of showing how an artist job is really hard, they have to travel and carry all their equipment around where they are traveling. An artist also has to be good at what he does.

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  4. I think the author did a good job because it described all the amazing things Pickett did that others couldn’t like biting the lip of a cow to calm it down. “To the Cowboys’ amazement, Pickett managed to quiet down the frisky calves” (page 6, last paragraph, 2 to last sentence.) The author described Pickett as a very strong man. “I can lift a 200 lb bag of salt over my head” (page 9, first paragraph, 2 to last sentence.)Another example is Pickett could pull down a steer. ( Despite his small size, Pickett could pull a steer down to the ground with his large hands and powerful arms and shoulders.)

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