Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Volcanoes Around the World

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you've spent some time reading about different volcanoes around the world. Please post a comment to this post. In your comment, take some time to explain which volcano was your favorite to read about. Please try to use as many of the vocabulary words as possible in your explanation.

The words are:

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We can't wait to read about which volcano was the most interesting to you.

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm


  1. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.Vander Velde, and Ms.Thumm,

    My favorite volcano was Paracutin. Lava and cinders started coming out of a crack in the earth's crust in Mexico on a farmers ranch. The molten lava began to cool and the summit rose to over 1,000 feet in height.

    Your student,

  2. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.V, and Ms.Thumm
    I read about volcanoes around the world and I'd like to talk about it. One of the volcanoes in Mexico grew in a mans farm and the man freaked out. The magma came out into the crust witch destroyed his crops. A little cylinder came out of the small crater.

  3. Dear Mr.Moore
    my favorite volcano to read was mount Vesuvius because it made a crater about 2,000 years ago.That's my favorite volcano plus it the eruption was huge I want to learn more about this volcano.And I want to learn how the crater was made.It erupted clouds of ash and cinders which destroyed Italy.

  4. Dear Mr. Moore,
    My favorite volcano that I read about was Mount Pinatubo because In the picture I really liked the way the crust, lava, and ashes looked and formed. I also thought that it was really cool way to describe the way the volcano looked.
    -Annabelle Bornhoeft #12

  5. Dear East Dragon Den,
    As I read the book on volcanoes, my favorite volcano was "Mount Vesuvius". I chose Mount Vesuvius because it has a such a interesting crater at the summit of the volcano. It looks like a crater in another crater somehow. Also, inside the crater looks like a lake of molten lava or magma. But, this volcano is also dangerous. About 2,000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius caused an eruption that exploded cinders and ashes and destroyed everything in its path. Even so, I still find this volcano the most unique volcano in the book in my opinion.


  6. Dear Mr.Moore,
    Today while I was reading "Volcanoes around the world", I saw a really cool volcano called "Mount Vesuvius" It is my favorite because of how the crust looks around the volcano. I also like it because of the crater I think it looks interesting. Also the eruption looks cool because it stays in the crust that it has around the volcano. Another thing I like about it is that the thing that it has around the volcano is just molten. I hope you enjoy reading my comment.

    Sincerely, Pamela

  7. Dear, Mr.Moore
    My favorite volcano is Vesuvius because the top blew off and clouds of ash and cinder exploded every were. The volcano Vesuvius also destroyed cities that were near the volcano.

  8. Mr.Moor

    My favorite volcano was Mount Pinatubo because I liked the way the person took the photo right above the volcano that was erupting.

  9. Dear Mr,Moore
    The most entrusting volcano was Mount Vesuvius because it is the top of the pack i mean it is the best in the world and i like it because it has a grate eruption and the its crater poped off and got clogged so it had too much lava so it made a new crater. And the ash went over 2,000 miles that is why I like this volcano.

  10. Dear Mr.Moor,Ms.V,Mrs.Thumm,
    The most interesting volcano I read about is the Mount Pinatubo in the Philippians. It is my favorite because they did not know it was a volcano they thought it was a mountain until it began to earupt in 1991 it lasted for weeks.

  11. Dear, Mr. Moore, Ms.V, and Mrs. Thumm

    My favorite volcano is in Italy because it is the most famous volcano in the world. It had a giant crater in the top of the volcano. lava covered the city around the volcano. Ash and lava was coming out too.

  12. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.VanderVelde, And Ms.Thumm,my favorite volcano is Puracutan. Puracutan is in Mexico and a farmer was outside in 1943, then there was magma erupting and it kept erupting. Then the magma turned into lava. The magma kept turning into lava and it built up so high that the lava turned into crust and the crust was as tall as a sky scaper.

  13. Mr.Moore,
    The volcano that I'm interested is Paricutin because a farmer notices something strange he see's it is cracks and hot lava coming out. I forms a volcano and it starts to erupt all over the country.


  14. Dear Mr.Moore, Mrs.VanderVelde, Mrs.Thumm,
    My favorite volcano to read about was Mount Pinatubo Because all at once the summit blew of it. It was beginning to erupt.It was the most powerful eruption.It is interesting to me because as i was reading i could vision the volcano erupting, and all of the smoke ashes and lava just going out of the summit and magma boiling hot coming out of Mount Pinatubo. Another reason it my favorite and interesting to me is because how it just erupted out of no were.


  15. Mr.Moore,Ms.V,and Ms.thumm
    The volcano that i liked was the won that told us all about inside he volcano.It also told us about the lava.how lava comes out and eplodes.It also shoes s about the magma.how hot it is

  16. Dear,mr.moore,miss,v,mrs.thum

    Mount Vesuvis is my favorite becuse it is the most famous valcano there is a large crater made 2,000 years ago the top blue off and erupited a large a mount of cinders came out it distroyd every thing it's lava spuited out and coverd city every were
    your student,tori

  17. Dear, Mr. Moore My favorit volcano was Mount viscus because there was a crater that the volcano made when the volcano exploded and made a giant mess and destroyed houses.

    sincerely, Higinio

  18. Dear, Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm

    My favorite volcano is Paricutin. It cot me that it started erupting from the ground. I was not expecting it to come from the crust.

  19. Dear Mr.Moore,
    My favorite volcano was the Mount Vesuvius because it gave me lots of information like when it was build and when it exploded. And when the crust blew off of the volcano.And the cinders blew out into the air.The crater was big on top.


  20. Dear, Mr,Moore, Mrs,V and Mrs,Thumm
    My favorite volcano was Mount Vesuvius it is my favorite because the volcano's crater is one of the biggest in the world. It also had a real big eruption. The volcano is in Italy. This volcano is almost 2,000 years old. The top of the volcano blow off of the volcano.
    Julian Robards 30

  21. Dear Ms.V and Mr.Moore,
    My favorite volcano is Mount Vesuvius because the crater looks like there is a minicher volcano on top of a larger volcano. Also because the way the lava glowes in the air.

  22. Dear Mr. Moore,Mrs. Vandr Velde,Mrs. Thumm,
    One valcano I read and liked was the Mount Pinatudo. I read that the mout had created a crater. People thoght that Mount was sleeping. What I mean by sleeping is when it is not doing anything. I wonder if the lava spouted out or goosed out.

  23. Dear Mr.Moore and Mrs Vander Valde,
    My favorite was the one on page #3 because I think that it can help you more on understanding what a valcano is. It can show you how the lava explodes! It also shows you how the valcano looks inside. So you can see the magma you can also see the crust and thats why I like that valcano.


  24. Mr.Moore, Ms.V,and Ms.Thumm,

    The Volcano that I thought was the most was Mount. Vensuives. I thought that it was interesting because it was created over 2,000 years ago and it is most famous volcano in the world.

  25. Dear,Mrs.V,Mrs.Thumb,Mr.Moore and others
    The most interesting volcano that I have read about is the Mountainous Vesuvius. This a mountain that has been told to be extinct. The giant was rumbling the crust and ready to make the magma turn to lava as the eruption comments the world


  26. Dear Mr. Moore,Ms.v,and Ms.Thumm,
    My favorite volcano I read about was Vesuvius. I liked it because it had a lot of information I didn't know. One fact I really enjoyed was that it took over 2,000 to awaken. What I mean by that is that it didn't erupt for 2,000 years.

    Sincerely, Daniela A

  27. Dear Ms. Moore and Ms. V

    My favorite volcano was Mount Pinatubo that is in Philps because, nobody knew it was a volcano, it was quite for a long time. One day the volcano started to smoke and there where large big clouds for many weeks. The summit of the volcano blew of. At the sametime people started to leave somewhere safe.


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