Monday, October 22, 2012

Summary: La Bamba

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your job is to write a summary of the selection we are reading in our shared reading groups. In your summary, you need to include events from the beginning, middle and end of the selection. The important events you select should show how the character has changed during the course of the story. Please include quotes from the text.

Write your summary on your own blog, and then add a link to your post as a comment below. If you need help with anything, please ask!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm


  1. Dear Mr.Moore
    Here is my summary.

  2. Dear Mr.Moore,
    Here is my response.

  3. Dear Mr. Moore,
    This is my response to your La Bamba post:

  4. Dear Mr. Moore

    What I learned in brain pop was that the colonists were dress like indians. Next was the fake indians throw all the tea out of the ship.Then the fake indians got caught.The fake indians want to jail and who put the fake indians was the king's men.


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