Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Boston Tea Party

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we move forward with the American Revolution, we will be providing some posts that deal with specific events. This post is designed to help you with the Boston Tea Party.

Here are some resources to help you.

Here is the BrainPop video we've already watched. Make sure to take the graded quiz and email your results to Mr. Moore. Also, make sure to use your first name and classroom number for the name space when you send that email.

Here is an article from the Simple English Wikipedia, and here is the regular Wikipedia article.

This link will take you to a Google Image search related to the Boston Tea Party.

Another link that you might be interested in is the Boston Tea Party Historical Society. Pay special attention to the pages that tell you about the British viewpoint of the event.

And finally, here is a link to everything about the Boston Tea Party from Discovery Education. You'll find videos, images, video clips, articles, etc. The Discovery Education log-in information is your LPS Google account information.

When you comment on this post, please include your new learning. If you do a great job with a nice paragraph, we will give you a couple of points toward your test grade!


  1. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.Vander Velde, and Ms.Thumm
    I learned about more acts and different names for the acts that caused the American Revolution. One act before the Stamp Act was called the Sugar Act and it put taxes on anything related to sugar.
    The Intolrable Act was called the Corcive Acts.

  2. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.V,and Ms.Thumm,
    Here is so of the things I learned.
    The colonist were smuggling goods because it was cheaper. After the colonist dumped the tea in the harbor the British closed the harbor until they paid back for all the tea that was dumped in the harbor. The Boston Tea Party was on the 29th of November 1773. This is just a little of what I learned from today.

  3. Dear Mr. Moore, Ms. Thumm, and Ms. VanderVelde,
    When I watched the BrainPop video and read the Wikipedia article, I learned the following things: First of all, I learned that the tax on tea that was kept after the repealing of the Townshend Acts was actually a separate act, known as the Tea Act. Also, I learned that as part of the ban on assemblies in Massachusetts, the Committees of Correspondence were also banned during the Intolerable Acts, known to the British as the Coercive Acts. This was a large part of what angered the colonists, since they weren't able to communicate efficiently any more.

  4. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I did terrible on the test but when I looked over them I realized my mistakes but I also learned more about the tea acts and the town shed acts. They also talked a lot about the stamp act. one thing I learned is that there was a note around town about the Boston tea party.

  5. Dear Mr.Moore,Ms.VanderVelde,and Ms.Thumm
    when I watched the video of Brainpop I did the graded quiz I learned that after the Boston Tea party the British got angry and sent ships and King George blocked Boston harbor. Also King George forced colonists to house the British soldiers the colonists didn't like it. So yeah I actually learned more about the history.

  6. Mr. Moore,

    I found out some new things such as another name for the intolerable acts is the coercive acts. Also, there was a colonist who said "Taxation without representation is tyranny." Tyranny because the colonists didn't have a part in parliament or British congress. Later this became the battle cry.


  7. Dear Mr.Moore,Ms.Thumm,Mrs.V,
    Today on the BrainPop video I learned that when the colonists to had to give food to the British they had to give them there best food and the colonists had to eat not very good food. The colonists got really mad and didn't want them to be at there house.

  8. Dear East Dragon,
    I have learned quite various things in all these links. For example, I learned about the Boston Tea Party, how the Sons of Liberty burned every thing like stamps, and paper around 1765. Also, I learned how King George forced colonist to feed, shelter, and make the redcoats luxurious while the redcoats stay at the homes of the colonist.

  9. Dear Mr. Moore, Ms. V, Ms. Thumm,
    Today I watched a video about the Boston Massacer. This is were I learned that the British did not like what they did ti the tea in the harbor.

  10. Dear Mr.Moore, I learned that the colonist burned all the printed paper and they covered the red coats with feathers. I also learned that the british king passed an act called the Coersive acts they were also known as the Intolerable acts. Those acts got passed because of the Boston Tea Party.


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