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Polaris Constellation
Ladies and Gentlemen,
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~ Mr. Moore. Ms. Vander Velde and Ms. Thumm


  1. Dear Mr. Moore, Mrs. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm,
    I learned that for many years people have still tried to figure out what kinds of pictures constellations can make. Also, to almost all of us they are just a pattern of highly disable stars. Astromeneres have divided it by an celestial sphere into 88 of these constellations. There celestial sphere is how we see the universe. Most of the constellations we know came from the Middle East, Actient Gress, and Rome. China and Mexico had a different idea about them. They aren't really close to each other. If you traveled away from Earth the stars wouldn't be a constellation they would be stars far from each other. If you lived in a different in a different solar system the sky would look totally different. Some constellations are invisible and they could also be upside down in different places. The constellations are always moving. They rise in the East and set in the West every night.

  2. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I just want to say thank you for doing this. This video helps me know a lot moor than I do know. It helps me writing and other stuff. This is the things I learned. Their is two things about what a constellation. To us, constellation is a pattern of stars in the sky that is so bright and highly visible patterns. To astronomers constellation is a pacific region of the sky around those pattern. Astronomers have divided the Celestial Sphere into 88 of this constellations. The Celestrial Sphere is how we see the universe from Earth.

  3. Mr.Moore,Ms. V, and Ms.Thumm,

    I learned that there are 88 official constellations. The reason that some constellations are only visible during certain times of the year is that the Earth is revolving around the sun. The Orion Nebula was given its name due to the fact that it is close to the Orion constellation.

  4. Dear Mr. Moore and Ms. V,
    I have learned various things in the video. I learned about how the constellations helped astronomers and astrologist because the constellations almost divided the area around the earth. I also learned how the constellations had different myths from different countries. For example, Orion was told about how he died for Scorpio ( which I find cruel in my opinion) and Zeus had placed this hero into the sky. I also have learned that the closer you are to the constellations, the farther they will go away. Further more, I learned how at certain locations like Australia, the constellation is upside down and how there are places like the south pole, you can only see certain constellations. There are so much to learn and know about constellations.

  5. Dear Mr.Moore,
    One thing I learned is that when you look in the Newspaper, your horoscope is determined by constellation that you can see at night. Another thing I learned that was scientist just locate them like places on a map. The last of the may things I learned is that when you are in the Northern Hemisphere that you can see the north star a year long.

  6. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.V, and Ms.Thumm
    What I learned is that some constellations you can see only from specific months. Constellations rise from the East and set from the west just like the sun. I also learned that the stars the constellations can also be called a celestial sphere which is a pattern of stars visible from the Earth's night sky.

  7. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I learned that the prefix pseudo- means false. A long time ago the Greek and Egyptian were around they made up myhrs and folktales about each and every one of the constellations. I also learned that if you wanted to see constellations upside down you would have to travel to Australia.

  8. I learned that the constellation of orion is not a the bear. The one that is a bear is called ursa major is the bear. I also learned that astronemers divide up the sky for an important reason, to know when new stars are born and other things like that.

  9. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.V,and Ms.Thumm,
    I learned on the brain pop video that the further you get from a constellation the stars look like they are spreading apart I also learned that in different places the constellation is upside down or right side up. I also learned that and if we lived in another solar system the sky would look so different. One of the last things that i learned is that constellations rise in the east and set in the west. The last thing that I learned is that a certain constellation is only visible for a certain amount of time.

  10. Dear Mr. Moore,
    Today, I learned while watching the BrainPOP video that constellations have two different meanings. One, for us dumb folk, is little pictures in the sky that represent various figures in legends and mythology. The second meaning that astrologists use, means the regions of sky that surround the constellations. The 88 constellations that are within sight range of Earth form the celestial sphere, which is pretty much a circle of space around Earth. The meaning for astrologists makes it easier to locate things. For example, if a scientist says he's discovered something new in Perseus, the other scientists will now where to check.

  11. Dear, Mr. Moore Ms. Vander Velde and Ms. Thumm I learnd that constellations are a picture in the sky. A picture that helps people know where they are a way to tell where to go with out a gps or compus. It was first discoverd by the eruipians and western americans. There are are as many main constellations as there are as months in a year. Polaris is a constellation that you can see all year. I think it is actually the only constellation that you can see all year. There are eighty eight constellations that we know of. The main constellations are ones that spin around the planits and the sun. It spins like the moon spining around the Earth. They made a constellation that is about Orian and his two dogs and the squrpion that killed him. They say that Orian is the best of the best.

  12. Dear, Mr. Moore
    What I learned is that constellations are pictures in the sky and what else I learned is that their are 88 constellations and in those constellations there are million of stars and galaxies. What else I learned is that constellation and stars are in the milky way and that is the galaxy we live in. What else I learned is that constellations have their own singnal. This is what I learned about constellation.

  13. Dear Mr.Moore,Mrs.V,and Mrs.Thumm,
    From the video on BrainPop I learned that constellations can help us with telling what id going to happen with maybe the weather or the seasons.

  14. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I learned that if you travel away far from the earth the stars that make the constellation well soon start to spread a part and you well not see it anymore.I also learned that when you are in a different hemisphere the sky looks different and the constellations are up side down and the earth's rotation keeps the constellations moving around.Some rise in the east and set on the west and ever night and it is kind of how the sun rise's everyday.The constellation Cygnus can only be seen from May to January well Orin is visibly from November to February.

  15. Dear Mr. Moore,
    What I learned is that constellations have a pattern of bright highly visual stars like Orin.
    I also learned that celestial sphere is how we see the universe.

  16. Dear Mr.Moore,

    I learned that people (Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians) used the constellations to navigate where they were going.Constellations are not real. Constellations have about 88 different ones. They move all around the whole world.

  17. Mr. Moore, Ms. V, and Ms. Thumm,

    I learned a lot from this video. I learned that another name for the North Star is Polaris. I learned that constellations are like regions on a map. Ancient Africans and Europeans used the constellations to tell stories about what the constellations looked like. I also learned that the study of constellations is called pseudoscience. Some constellations are only visible during certain times of the year because of the Earth revolving around the sun.

  18. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I learned that there are t types of constellations. Constellation are a bright pattern of stars like Orion. In old time constellation were some kind of picture in the sky. But the pictures in the sky were myth because people said that it the way Orion died.

  19. Dear Mr.Moore,

    I learned that ancient Greeks invented constellations and made the pictures. I also learned that constellations are just stars and not stars with imaginary lines. Constellations are known to help with telling which star is which and how to find your way when you are lost. Another thing stars are helpful with is telling what weather or seasons. One question that I had was how can the pictures that we imagine or see don't disappear any year?


  20. Dear,Mr.Moore
    I learned that constellations were made by people like Greeks and ancient people who lived long ago.I also learned that the north star is connected to a constellations.There are other constellations called Orion and he had two dogs and there was a scorpion who killed and there all up there.Also constellations rise from the east and they set in the west.You could see constellations because there rotating around like us and that's how you see different constellations at night.

  21. Dear Mrs.V and Mr.Moore,
    I learned that Astronomers split up the constellations like we split up like our states in different sections. I also learned that in accent times people used constellations. I saw that people all round the world used constellations. The North Pole has the north star above it and a constellation that connects to the left star. I learned that people used the north star to figure out where they were going.

  22. Dear, Mr.Moore Mrs.V Mrs.Thumm
    In the video of BrainPop I learned that the some of the astrologists have used the constellations to show a map. And also that most of the shapes that we see is shown in the months. And in turn we see that there is shapes that we, mankind, has made to show the seasons and so we could travel from place to place with no risk of getting lost.

  23. Mr.Moore,

    I learned that in agent times they saw images in the sky that looked like something when they were looking at the night sky. I also learned that if you go out of our Hemisphere that the stars will separate from each other. Another thing that I learned was that there was a pattern in Oran's belt and Oran. The next thing that I learned was That there was one that was really special to the Ephesians was the one that looked like a bear. The last thing was that they would know which way to go when they saw the North Star.


  24. I learned that in the ancient times the Greeks thought that constellations told the direction and such as the Big Dipper contains the North star. They say that Orion was a mighty hero and that he had two dogs and that he was killed by Scorpion.

  25. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms.V, and Mrs. Thumm,
    I learned a constellation is a pattern of bright highly visible stars. Constellations make it easier to say where something is located. The stars of a constellation are very far apart, how we see them depends on the perspective looking outward from Earth. The constellations rise in the east and set in the west. Constellations can be visible from season or by month. The little bear contains the north star. Finally, for many years sailors and hikers use the North star to died themself when they get lost.

  26. Dear Mr.Moore, Ms. Vandervelde, and Ms. Thumm,
    Nothing else in our galaxy makes light but the stars. The earth's moon makes light from reflected sun beams. Constellations appear to form patterns in the sky. In our galaxy there’s 88 constellations that have been recognized so far. Some look like living creatures and non-living creatures. In all the seasons there is the big and little dipper stay closer to the northern hemisphere so does the Cepheus. And the rest of the constellations aren't in all the seasons. I think constellations are cool to look at and trying to figure what they are how about you? Here's the website where I got the Info.


  27. Dear, Mr. Moore

    What I learned from the Brain Pop video is that constellations are just patterns in the sky. People in the middle east made up lines to connect these stars. Some constellations are in the path of the sun. The path the sun travels is called the ecliptic. The sun kind of paces through them. The constellations that are in the path of the sun are called zodiac constellations. I also learned that astronomers have dividend the sun into parts. Tat is all that I learned from the Brain Pop.

  28. Dear Ms. V,
    On brain pop I learned that there are 88 constellations. We see stars but to astronomers, they help navigat. The North star is constently there. Even though we can't see the constellations in the day, doesn't mean there not there. In fact the sun [to us] is going right through the constellations. Most of the comstellations are asosheated with myths. They mostly came from anchent Greace, Rome, and the middle East. Constellations are all in the Milky Way. Sometimes constellation stars are thousand of light years apart. If you lved in a different solar system,the sky would look completly different. In the Northern Hemespher, the sky looks a little different. Some constellations apear upside down. The Earths rotation keeps the constellations on the move. They rise in the East and set in the West. You can only see Cyguns from May to January. While Orian is visable from November to Febuary. At night you can only see what is oppisite of the dat time ones. Thanks for leting me retry this.


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