Friday, May 10, 2013

A Day With the Dentist...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When you comment on this post, take a minute to say thank you to Dr. Tippets. Also, share a bit about what you learned!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm


  1. Dear Mr. Tippets and Mr. Moore,
    I learned a lot about the dentist. I've had some pretty bad experiences with the dentist myself. One thing I learned is that a cavity can start an infection and it can eventually kill you. Thank you for coming to my class and telling us a lot of facts!

  2. Thank you Dr. Tippets for coming in and teaching me about your job.I think what you do is so nice. Thanks for the time you took out of the day to talk to my class and I.

  3. Thank you Mr.Tippets for coming to our class. What I learned was how you make impressions and how there very useful.

  4. Dear Mr. Moore and Dr. Tippet,
    I learned tons of things about dentistry like that ways our teeth can give us pain like an infection near the nerve in the teeth. I also learned the structure of the teeth with some areas I'm not familiar about. I am really thankful Mr. Tippet that you took your own time from your business just to see us and teach us about dentistry. Thank you Mr. Tippet and Mr. Moore!

  5. Dear Dr. Tippets,
    Thanks for coming to our class! Even though I wasn't here for a lot of the time, I learned some interesting things. For example, I didn't know that tooth infections could be deadly! Yikes! Anyway, thanks for coming!

  6. Thank You Dr.Tippets,
    For coming to are class I learn many things and know I know that when flossing you cant put the floss between your tooth and take it out you have to go back and fourth with the floss to get all the things out between your teeth. One thing I learn now is not to eat alot of candy because candy prevents cavity.

    From Heaven

  7. Mr.Tippets,

    I think that you actually helped me learn about what and why do dentist do what they do. I learned about a lot. I think that the most interesting things we learned about was that when we don't brush our teeth or don't brush our teeth well we can get a cavity. A cavity wears down the teeth and the teeth become soft. When the tooth is soft and you don't treat it by going to the dentist it can spread to your gums and cause gum infection. And from then you the infection can spread to your throat and can make it difficult for you to breath. Then it can spread to the rest of your body systems and cause a huge infection that used to be just a cavity. Then the infection can spread to your heart and your lung and from there it can cause death or lead you to death. I think that Mr. Tippets did a great job explaining every thing to us about our teeth health and why it is important. I really enjoyed you being in our class room. I am not comfortable with going to the dentist. I am only comfortable to going to the orthodontics. THank you so much.

  8. Dr. Tippets,
    Thank you for coming to our class to share how to take care of our teeth. I now see how important our teeth are. I didn't know that even when you have healthy gums, you can still have a tooth infection of a cavity. I also learned that dentist make a mold of your mouth to see if there is a whole in your tooth. Is that another reason you take a mold of other peoples mouths? You taught me that taking care of my teeth is just as important as taking care of you whole body.

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