Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Perfect Healthy Meal...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here are the directions for your next writing (and science!) job.

Using the book, Food and Nutrition, by Barb Davis, along with the website, Choose My Plate, you will write about your very own custom designed perfectly healthy meal.

1. Write this piece in a Google Document. Title it, "My Perfect Healthy Meal." Organize it in your writing folder.

2. Make sure that you set your share settings to "public on the web."

3. Write about your own perfect healthy meal.

4. Here's what we'd really like to see in your description of the perfect healthy meal:

  • What are your food and drink choices? Why did you make these choices? What did you leave out? Why?
  • What organic and inorganic nutrients did you choose? Why? (Look in the book for more on organic/inorganic nutrients.) 
  • The book clarifies that there are six main types of nutrients. How many of them have you included? Which ones? Why?
  • Some people say that a rainbow on your plate is an indicator of a healthy meal. What colors of food have you included in your meal? 
  • How many calories are in your meal? Why? Use this tool to help with calorie counting. 
  • Did you include dessert in your meal? Why? Is it healthy? (Yes, there are healthy desserts!)
  • Have you correctly cited your resources (including the website and the book)? 
  • What unique foods have you chosen? Please try to choose some foods we might not all know about! 
We can't wait to read all about your healthy meals!
Blow us away with your creativity!
Push your thinking, Dragons!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm

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