Friday, November 15, 2013

Earth's Resources: Fossil Fuels

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You'll have one week to complete this assignment. It is due when you leave the building on Friday. Welcome to the second trimester of fifth grade!  Please read carefully, because you know that your score (and more importantly, your learning!) depends on it!

Academic Standard:

E.1.b - Analyze and interpret a variety of data to understand the origin, utilization, and concerns associated with natural resources

  • Identify three types of fossil fuels
  • Describe how fossil fuels are formed
  • Describe the positive and negative effects of fossil fuel use
  • Identify ways to conserve fossil fuels
  • Define "nonrenewable resource"
  • Sort objects using scientific reasoning
  • Use a model simulates a real thing that cannot be easily studied or manipulated

Essential Questions:
  • What are nonrenewable resources?
  • What are fossil fuels and how do they form?
  • Why is it important to conserve fossil fuels?
  • What are some positive and negative effects of fossil fuel use?

Scoring and Directions: 
This is a tiered assignment - you must complete the work in this order to earn your points. We will help you as you move through the rotations, but you will definitely have to put in some of your own time to get the score you want. 

To earn a score of one
a. Create a blog post on your own blog. Title it: Earth's Resources: Fossil Fuels
b. Add the following labels: Earth's Resources, Science, Fossil Fuels
c. You must complete this vocabulary resource and embed it on your own blog. When you open the link, choose file --> make a copy, and change the title to include your own first name. File it in your own Science Folder. Then get to work writing the definitions and adding your copyright-free images. When you embed the resource on your blog, remember to change the size to small, and set the sharing option to "public." 

To earn a score of two:
a. You must complete this BrainPop video and submit a score of at least 90%. 

To earn a score of three:
a. Complete this Virtual Lab, as well as worksheet one, which goes along with the virtual lab. 

To earn a score of four: 
a. Complete a thorough written summary of your learning after reading/watching the following resources. Use the words in your vocabulary slide show and link each one the first time it appears in your summary. Make sure that you answer the essential questions and address each and every item in this note-catcher. Here are the resources you'll need:

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