Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we'd like to give you some time to see what some other student bloggers are doing! The blogs you will be looking at today use a service called Kid Blog, and each link we share with you will take you to a list of student blogs.

As you spend time reading, thinking, and commenting, please remember that you are out on the web representing all of East Elementary and especially the member of the Dragon Den. We expect you to do an incredible job of commenting on the blogs you are about to read.

Here is the formula for great commenting...

Step 1: Read. Think. Reread. Think. Reread again. Repeat. 

Step 2: Comment only if you have something to say. Be positive and specific. Use multiple sentences. Include the word "because." Ask a thought-provoking question that the writer of the blog will actually want to take the time to answer. Add value to the blog.

Step 3: What NOT to do - Do NOT use your last name. Do not give out the link to your blog. Do not invite people to our blogs.

If you leave a great comment, people will come and find our blogs. Observe the Golden Rule and treat these bloggers the way you would want to be treated. You have to be a great audience to get a great audience. If you do a great job, we know that bloggers will come find your blog and comment on your work.

Here are the links for today's work...

Push your thinking, Dragons. Use the charts in the classroom to help you as you are commenting.

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde

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