Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10 Keytime: Non-Fiction

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today you will be reading an article and responding to it. You can find the document right here. Because of our testing schedule in the coming week(s), you'll probably have a little more time to work on this article, so we will be adding an extra piece to your assignment just for fun.

You will respond to the article just as we have before...

  • Read carefully
  • Mark up your copy of the text
  • Complete the table at the end of the article
  • Write a response in Google Docs using evidence from the text
  • Now the final piece - create a presentation using Google Presentations. Add the text of your response and the presentation to a blog post. In your slideshow, explain to your audience how you feel that this problem with the bees might affect you. 
~ Mr. Moore

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