Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Newsela Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you're being asked to test your reading and your technology skills.

Please find your directions on this Google Document.

Alternatively, you could just read them right here...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
For today’s assignment, you will be given a choice. Choose wisely. Read the directions carefully.

In order to really impress your teachers, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Read every word on this entire page three times.

2. Choose an article.

3. Use this class code to sign in to the website if necessary: Class Code: JJVZK

3.5. We’re not quite sure how the signing-in works. We haven’t tried this with students before, so you’ll be 
teaching us. Thanks for your help!

4. Once you’ve managed to sign in and possibly find our class and/or your assigned articles, read the article you choose carefully.

5. Figure out how to annotate, or to add your best thinking, comments, questions, and ideas to the article. This website allows you to show us everything you know about how to read an article carefully. Identify important ideas, non-fiction text features, and your best thinking about the content of the article.

6. Be relentless in your quest to stay on-task and silent. Think of this as a contest. Try to work quickly and be creative.

I’ve tried to create a class and you should already be assigned both of these articles, so this link might lead to our “Class Binder.”

Here are your choices if you need links straight to the articles-

Please show your teachers what you can do when you are focused and on task. 

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde

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