Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Science Work...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are your directions for today's work in science. Please make sure to do your very best! In order to complete this work, you will need to be extremely focused.

1. Please complete this survey. On the first question, select this answer choice:
Eco-Systems & Watersheds--Where does Water Collect?

2. Please complete your blog post from the soil activities. Make sure that you answer the essential questions below in your post on your blog!  If you need help, consider using the Resources page from the WebQuest. After you watch or read a resource, make sure to add the new information you've learned to your blog post. Also, make sure to click Update on your post so that we can see all of your work when we grade them this evening! 

What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common?

What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?

How are weight and mass measured?

How does changing the location of an object affect its mass and/or weight? Need help with this one? Click here

How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?

What are some ways that mixtures can be separated?

3. Thank you in advance for showing your teachers how hard you can work. Today is important... Please make sure that I hear good things from the teachers so that we can do this kind of work again!

~ Mr. Moore

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