Monday, October 10, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you'll comment on this blog post, and you'll show us what you know about the reading strategy called evaluating. When you evaluate, you think about these questions:

1. Is this piece of writing useful? How? Include examples from the text to support your thinking.

2. Is the writing entertaining? Whatever your opinion is, you need to support your thinking with reasons and examples from the text.

Today, you'll comment on this post and you will share your evaluation of the anthology selection. Make sure that you write two big fat juicy paragraphs - one paragraph for each question, with examples from the text to support your thinking!

Work Hard Dragons!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich


  1. r. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich,

    This book is useful because it tells us about Michelle Kwan's life. It tells how she became a senior skater, she went to Los angelas to perform infront of judes and they will decide if she will be a senior skater.
    For me this very entertaining because it tells us information for example it tells us never to borrow a skater's gloves. (they scratch their noses with them.) It also teached me some stuff of ice skating. I thought it was going to be skateboarding since I’m a skateboarder and I’ve heard of it, figure skating but never really learned about it.


  2. Dear Mr. Moore,
    The text is useful because it tells a lot of facts of Michelle Kwan. For example it the text tells you that she was born on July 7,1980 in Torrance,California, Another example is that she began ice skating when she was 5 years old after seeing her big brother playing hockey. The second example is that the text said Michelle won her first skating championship at the age of seven.
    No I do not think that the writing is entertaining because I do not like ice skating. Another example I do not like the writing is because I hoped the text would talk more about her outdoor style. Another example is that the text only talks about one specific thing in her life, ice skating.
    Your student,
    Rodrigo 13m

  3. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I think this writing is useful because its very descriptive, has great details like I never knew that Michelle Kwan is only 13 years old.
    I also never knew that she is in senior level witch is a high level.

    I think this writing is very interesting because I never knew anything about her.
    I learned many cool thing about Michelle Kwan. One thing is that she performed in the
    1992 Nationals when she was only 13. Another thing is that Michelle Kwan practices on the ice for hours everyday with her coach Frank Carroll. There spins are the most difficult. The judges
    always look for them doing there spins, jumps, and a lot more and for them making it look smooth, and makes it look easy although it is very hard. Witch I never knew anything about.

    Brittany 25m

  4. Dear, Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich
    I think the book Michelle Kwan is useful. Because, If you want to be a ice skater when you grow up, this book would help you. When I say it will help you it means that it will give you tips and tell you tricks you never knew of. And it tells you how Michelle Kwan became one of the best ice skaters on planet earth.So I think the book Michelle Kwan will be useful. And if you think your ready you probably just jealous of somebody that's a ice skater, If you are a good amazing ice skater.And if you didn’t know anything about Michelle Kwan you would be able to find out with the book Michelle Kwan.
    This book is entertaining because, you wonder what is going to come next.You feel like you just want to break through and read the rest of the book. The book is entertaining because, it has action when her coach is mad for going to the senior level of skating even know she was not ready.I think that this book is entertain with excitement and action if she is going to go on or just stay at one level. I also think it would be tough wearing skates for hours and hours when I was skating and after I probably wouldn’t be able to stand up.

  5. Dear Mr.Moore and Mr.Ulrich,

    This piece of writing is entertaining because, Michelle Kwan says that, " But even after bombing there I still believed in my self". I thought this was entertaining because, she didn't give up after like she messed up. I would probably give up. Well I once saw somebody at a ballet dance and the girl fell and messed up, but she didn't give up. She was pretty smart of when to get up and all of that. I was wondering how many days you have to like go practice? It would really be such a pain if it was everyday, like they said in the book. The part were it talks about when shes born and all is useful and informative because it says she was twelve years old.
    It also says that in 1992 Michelle Kwan was feeling confidence about her ice skating. It says that she went to private skating rink and they were with there new coach. Michelle Kwan must have done a lot of work. I say that because when she wears the shoes on the ice it must really hurt.
    Sincerely Leslie 11m

  6. Dear Mr. Moore,
    This piece of writing is useful because it tell about how Michelle Kwan started ice skating. It also tells you that at the age of five she steep onto the ice ring because her brother played hockey and she saw him so she decided to go onto the ice ring since then she has ice skated.
    At the age of twelve she thought she was ready to become a Senior skater.

    This text was entertaining to me because it told me about what she did to become a professtional skater, at what age she started skating, and why she started skating.

  7. Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr. Ulrich,
    1.This is a useful story to me because It shows facts about Michele Kwan which is what the book is supposed to be all about her and not about any thing else in the story of her life except skating on ice and in the book it shows tings about her life.
    2. Yes the writing is entertaining to me because I like books about people and there lives and there special causes to earth.
    From, Parker

  8. Dear Miss.Vander Velde and Mr.Moore

    This is what Evaluate means.It means
    what I do like about this passage and
    why another is this passage useful or entertaining. Example in the story of Michelle Kwan I thought this passage was entertaining because she made a comeback and she got better and never gave up.

    Your Student,

  9. This piece of w righting is useful because it can help inspire Ice skaters to keep on trying and one day they will maybe make it to the Olympics.I think this text is entertaining because it tells about a young lady that her name was Michelle Kwan who had to work really really hard to be a senior skater and how Michelle Kwan made it to the 1994 winter Olympics.

  10. Dear Mr.Moore and Ms.V,
    I think this book is useful because it has true information. Like Michelle Kwan wants to become a ice skater. Michelle Kwan wants to be a senior skater so she goes to preform in Los Angeles. The judges decided that she could become a senior ice skater. Other useful information is when she was born July 7,1980 and where her birth place was Torrance, California. Those are some useful information. From,

  11. Dear Ms. Vandervelde,
    This piece of writing is useful because it gives you a lot of details of the story and an example is she went to a place called Los Angelas to perform in front of a lot senior skater judges.
    To me the text is very entertaining because it is telling me what she did to get into the senior skating all by her self and how she lied to her couch and didn't listen to Frank. It also teached me some stuff on how she skates.
    Kyle 10v

  12. Dear Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mr.Ulrich,

    The selection, "Michelle Kwan Heart of a Champion is useful to me. I think this selection is useful because it tells the reader about Michelle's life. One fact that was in the selection was on page 139 and paragraph 1. It says that Michelle thought that she was ready to be a Senior skater at the age of twelve. I though that this fact was very interesting. This fact tells me about what kind of person Michelle Kwan is.
    Out of my own opinion I think the section of Michelle Kwan was entertaining. I think this because in the selection is says that Michelle never ever gave up. Also I think that the text has good word choice. On page 140 and paragraph six it says that the coach flipped his lid. I thought that I can use that vocabulary when I right about somebody who is angry.

    Kathleen 12v

  13. Dear Ms.V and Mr.Moore,
    I think this story Michelle Kwan "Heart of a champion" is useful because if you have a dream go for it don't give up. If I had a dream i'll go for it I don't want to give up a dream that maybe can come true in life. Michelle Kwan had a dream to be in the 1994 skating Olympics. So she going to try her best give it all she has. So I think this story is a useful story and you haven't read go look for it this is a good example.
    Your friend,
    Laura 23v

  14. Dear Ms. V
    I think this peace of writing is useful because it give several examples of how hard it is to be famous/the best at something. For example Michelle Kwan has to practice at least 3 hours a day to get ready for a composition, and that's not even counting all the homework and torturing hours. The passage is also useful because it tells what it is like being a ice skater. It tells about the ranks of skating how to get their and much more.

    I think this text is also entertaining because it tells about something you would probably never learn unless you are a skater. I found it very interesing how much work you have to do to become a professional skater.

  15. Dear Mr.Moore and Mrs.V,
    This book is very useful because it is telling us about her life.It was telling us how she became a senior skater.I really enjoy this book because it tells us how it was that she became such a great skater and it also gave us really good examples like to get used to your new skates becuase then your feet hurt.I really like it and understood it.

  16. Dear Mr.Moore and Ms.V
    This book titled Michelle Kwan Hart of a Champion is vary entertaining Because It tells about Michelle Kwan and how even when every thing was challenging she still never gave up

  17. Dear Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde,
    This piece of writing is useful, because it tells about Michelle Kwan's life for practicing her skating, and how she is doing her job to become a senior skater and how to get to the Olympics at the age of twelve. Then how she use skills to rotate, jump and more to make the judges amazed to her skills as a becoming a senior skater.
    For me this selection is entertaining, because if somebody want to be a skater they can use the skills of Michelle for skating and practicing her body to move faster in the ice. I believe that Michelle Kwan was started learning skating and made mistakes. So anybody can follow Michelle's skills to be a skater.

    You student,
    Micah 13v

  18. Dear Ms.V

    Here is two things I learned today.I learned about a closed and a open circuit i will tell you about it well if it is closed that's when all lights turn on but when the circuit is open it turns off.Another,Thing I learned is About currents there is two types of currents direct current
    alter-net current.
    One thing I want to learn is more about currents like how they work

    Your Student,
    Juan Carlos6v

  19. Dear Mr.Moor and Mrs.v
    I have learned that electricity and magnetism are related I also learned that to get the electricity to move you have to have volts to push the electricity. I still want to learn what is a volt made out of?


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