Friday, January 27, 2012

Honor Roll!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last night, I had the honor of being invited to Euclid's Honor Roll Event. It was so great to see so many past students there, and I wanted to put up a blog post to let all of them know how proud we are here at East! It was great to see so many East students at the event. I've posted a picture here, and I'll also list the additional names I recognized from the program...

If you come across a program for the Honor Roll presentation at Goddard, Newton, or Powell please share it with me so I can add more names to our list!

Congratulations to:

Tri B.
Brandon C.
John Pablo S.
Luke W-H. 
Joseph W. 
Savannah B.
Kathy L.
Richard W. 


  1. Thank you for coming last night! Oh please leave this post up for a long time. Please don't delete this post. Mr more you are the best teacher I ever had! I am going to put that picture on my other blogs, my website, on my psp, and on my computer. Thank you for helping learn in elementary school and now sicen I love sicence now I have an A+ in it! I have an A in LA. I have a B in math. And in my computer class I have an A++. In jym I have an A.

  2. Dear Mr. Moore,
    Hi Mr. Moore, how are you and Ms. V doing? It was nice to see you at the Honor Roll celebration. I was very happy to find out that I got Honor Roll for the 7th grade. I also got it for 6th grade too.
    At Euclid everything is going great for me at school. I am making new friends and having fun at Euclid. I hope I get to see you and Ms. V again sometime. Tell Ms. V i said hi. I miss you guys.


  3. OMG!!!!!! Brandon got one?????? Ha!!!!! JK!!!! I miss you guys so much. Im going to try and vist during my spring break. Love you!!!! <3


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