Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prompt Writing: Hitting the Jackpot!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today during writer's workshop, you'll be responding to a prompt. Write your response in a Google Document titled: Hitting the Jackpot! Share the response with Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde.

Here's the prompt:

Congratulations! You are one of two finalists in a one-thousand dollar jackpot drawing! All you have to do is write a five paragraph essay explaining how you will spend the money. The best essay wins the prize!

You can use any writing resource you have to complete this assignment, including a writing rubric. Stay focused - you only have one class period to complete this assignment! We can't wait to see how you plan on spending your winnings!

Push your thinking Dragons!

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde

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  1. 1.What are the systems of the human body?
    The systems of the human body are the stomach,the small intestine,and the large intestines.

    2.Which body parts,organs,etc.Make up each body system?
    The body parts that make up each body parts are what makes up the small intestine is the stomach are


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