Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hawk Quest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we had the incredible opportunity of experiencing some incredible birds! You can visit the Hawk Quest website, or you can check out some of the Bird Cams they mentioned in the presentation! You can check out this page for some fun raptor facts.

Today we saw:
A Swainson's Hawk: the smartest raptor!
An Eastern Screech Owl: the cutest for sure!
A Peregrine Falconthe world's fastest animal!
And a Bald Eaglethe symbol of our country!

Feel free to look up the other raptors using Qwiki.com or Wikipedia

Click comment below to let us know what you learned today, or maybe to ask some questions. If you find some great resources to share, that would be an awesome addition to our comments section as well! 

Bonus Questions: 
We'll pay the first student to correctly answer both questions in a single comment 50 Dragon Dollars!

1. Why are predators at the top of the food chain especially susceptible to conservation issues? 
2. What animal is the very top predator of all food chains?

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde


  1. Dear Mr Moore and Ms. V,
    1. Predators are on the top of the food chain because one all of the things predators have and how they hunt. They are also smarter then all the other animals in the food chain.
    2. The animal that is in the top of all animals in the food chain are us the humans.

  2. Dear Ms. VanderVelde and Mr. Moore,
    Preators are at the top of the food chain because they eat meat.
    We are at the top of the food chain because at the Hawk Qeust the bonus qustion was what is the top preadtor because we baskily eat everything.Here is a link to ninjawords a really fast dictionary: http://bit.ly/13Yj6
    Your student,
    Kyle H. 10v


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