Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vocabulary Quest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This blog post will contain the directions for your vocabulary lesson. You will have two days to complete the quest. The directions follow.

1. Use the Leveled Readers link on the side of this blog to access your online vocabulary reader titled, Animals of Alaska. Read it silently and carefully.

2. Access the Spelling City website. Log-in and find the vocabulary readers group. Choose the list titled, The Grizzly Bear Family Book. Use the list to choose your next step... You only complete one of the following choices!

3. Here are your choices:

  • Choice A: Write a story, article, or essay using all of the vocabulary words. Use Google Docs and share your work with your teacher. Highlight each vocabulary word in the document. Name the Document: Vocabulary Story.
  • Choice B: Create a Cognitive Content Dictionary using all of the words on the list with the following columns: Key Word, Definition (with link to the definition), Image, and Sentence Using the word.
     BIG HINT: The list should have nineteen words. 

When you are finished, use the spelling list on the spelling city website to play vocabulary games. Make sure to choose games from the blue vocabulary section. 

Work hard and push your thinking, Dragons!

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