Monday, November 26, 2012

Idea Paint Day One...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today was our first day with the idea paint on the tables. What did you think? We sure hope to see you using the tables, walls, and pole to record some amazing thinking.

How can we use the tables, walls, and pole in the future?

What ideas do you have for recording your notes? How can you keep these great ideas even after they are wiped away?

Does writing down all of your notes this way help you to remember your thinking?

Is this better than paper notes? Why? Why not? Is there a time when you would prefer taking notes in a computer or on paper?

What would you say to someone who is considering using idea paint in their classroom?

Thanks for your comments on this post!

Here's a quick Animoto from today. What do you think the world will say about your first day writing on the tables?

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm


  1. Wow! Your class looks like so much fun. So many cool ideas and interesting learning experiences. Did you just use dry erase markers? I need to try this! Diane Duckworth 4/5 G/T Ralph Moody

    1. It's great, but ONLY BLACK dry erase markers.
      Miss ya!

  2. Dear Mr. Moore, Mrs. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm,
    I think we could use the pole, the wall, and the table's, in the future by teaching the fourth graders how to use them before they even go to fifth grade. Also while we teach them we should let them try it so when they come they come to fifth grade they won't "hurt" it so bad. One idea for recording my notes by putting them on the desk and one way I would make sure I had them down on the right place after they were erased I would make sure out them on a document,or I will make sure I put them in InstaGrok but, my most likely reason is that I would make sure I had put them on my work that I am doing. Yes, This does help me remember my thinking because this allows me to write on my table and help me make sure I know what was writing.Yes, this is a better way to write notes because we wast less paper and we don't need to rush to get a paper and a pen or pencil. Also, I don't think it is the best think to use because the markers run out and we don't have enough markers to give out to the whole class. No, I don't think there would be a time I would like yo use paper or a computer because it will take a super long time to get out a piece of paper or if our computers were shutdown we would have to wait a super long time. I would consider saying you will enjoy this a whole lot. Or it's the best thing to use and more but I would just say a little bit because there isn't much to say about it just that it's cool. I think the world would say that they want it and I wonder how it felt to write on the table with permission from a teacher.

  3. Dear Mr.Moore,
    As a fifth Grader in your class how I will use the walls, tables, and pole is that I will use it to take notes during lesson so after i could put it in my computer and then during a lesson you dont have to waste time waiting for us students to get something to write with and paper and instead just grab a marker and start writing down notes.
    How I will use the notes after have to wrip them down is that i could just record them in my Computer or have you are Mrs. Vander Velde take a picture and send them to my Email.
    Yes writing down facts on the table helps me because when we have to picture something in are head like a web for a book we are reading or when we have a brilliant idea for a writing peice or a poem we can make a tell it to the class.
    Yes I prefure taking notes like this because when we have and idea and we need something to write on it right in front of us and we dont have to geta peice of paper and a pencil and by the time we get that we forget what we were going to write down for a note.
    No i dont some time wish we still had to write notes on the computer or scapepaper because Writing with all the space you need and not needing to get a more and more paper for notes.
    What I would say to someone considering to use idea paint is that its a brilliant idea and your students or yourself would love the idea of getting to write somewhere where they would get in trouble for writing on it but now we can write all the note we want without getting in trouble. I would also say dont put heavy things on it and only use black expo markeror it will get stained but you are going to love this choice. :)

    Dear Mr.Moore, Mrs Vandervelde, and Mrs thumm,
    Thank very much for trying something that will inprove are class and my fellow class mate to something thats fun but at the same time we are learning and taking not.
    I apprichate al the hard work you guys went through to make us better learner and not trouble makers.

    Your Student,

  4. Dear Mr. Moore, Ms. V, and Ms. Thumm,
    I think the idea paint can help us in the future when we don’t have any paper handy we can always just get a dry erase marker and start writing on the tables! When I write down something on the table, it helps me remember what I write down because I am listening and writing it down at the same time.I think idea paint is better than paper because we can save paper, but also idea paint isn’t so great because you waste ink. What I would say to someone who is considering using idea paint in their classroom is you should get idea paint, because kids can be creative and it is really fun to use.

  5. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am so impressed with what you are doing in 5th grade. You are going to be the smartest kids walking into 6th grade next year. I would love to hear how you think this will help you learn and what benefits you think it will have for you.

    Mrs. Crowley

  6. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I think that the idea paint was a great idea! I really like it because its like you can write what ever you want with out having to use pencils or pens. I think that it is a great thing to have because you don't need to use any type of writing utensils or you also don't need to use paper. I think it is also fun to write on our desks and that the dry erase marker doesn't stain the desk. I like how we don't need to dig in to our binders.

  7. Hi 5th graders,
    Can I come back and be a 5th grader again? That idea paint on your tables is the coolest idea! Great video and have fun learning!
    Love, Mrs. Snyder

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  9. Dear Mr.Moore,
    Idea paint is a great idea, I helps me a lot in keeping notes. One thing I love about idea paint is that it is saving are Earth. Thank you Mr.Moore and Ms.Vander Velde!

  10. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I think that this the Idea paint is a great idea!! it really helps me remember what I need to do. You can use these tables in the future because it will help others write there ideas down without getting up to go get paper. You won't have to sharpen so many pencils. I can keep my ideas by putting them into a computer. This is a big help to me.

  11. Dear Mr. Moore,
    I really like idea paint and I even told my mom. I live right by a paint store so maybe I can ask about it. I think idea paint is really cool to have on our table, pole, and wall. It helps me remember notes on science and the two big space projects.

  12. Dear, Mr. Moore

    The first day of using Idea Paint was really fun! I don't have to worry about finding a piece of paper, I can just write on the table and get my ideas down.

  13. Wow! This is really cool and fun. Also it is more easy to write on the desk instead of taking out of paper and taking more time worth of notes.

  14. Mr. Moore, Ms.V, And Ms. Thumm,

    I think idea paint is much better than taking paper notes because You don't need to take out a piece of paper and possibly lose your amazing thought. I think we can keep our notes after wiping them off by writing them on paper or typing them into a Google document. I loved the idea paint. I think it is a great idea and I am looking forward to using a lot more in the future.

  15. This said it all for me - "Can I come back and be a 5th grader again?" - We do what we love to do and when we learn to love learning we become life long learners. Well played.

  16. Very cool! Looks like your students like this too. Love that they are sitting on balls as well! Getting a core work out and recording their thoughts as well. Very innovative!!

  17. Dear Mr.Moore,Mrs.V, Miss. Thumm
    Idea paint is really helpful and great because in the future when we need paper ink and the table is all we need. Today my whole family was looking at this and my mom said that if she was a teacher she would totally use this. I really like Idea Paint!


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