Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The American Revolution


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is a BrainPop video all about the American Revolution. It includes some of the information you learned about today in class. As usual, there are plenty of links to learn more about the information from today's class. The links on this site will give you all sorts of kid-friendly information regarding the American Revolution. Here is another great example of links designed specifically for kids to learn more about this topic.

Do you like maps? Here is an interactive map with battles from the Revolutionary War. Here's another great one!

Here is a timeline of the war.

Please comment on this post and let us know what you learned! There are plenty of great resources here to keep you busy!

Push Your Thinking!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Thumm

1. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4a/Commonsense.jpg/200px-Commonsense.jpg


  1. Mr. Moore, Ms. V, and Ms.Thumm,

    The first map says that there were two battles of Saratoga. The BrainPoP video was almost all review of what we had wrote down on our flashcards today. The second map was more of a timeline than a map. I think this information is going to help me out on my test Friday.

  2. Dear Mr.Moore,
    I learned that on Chirstmas day George Washington led his army across thae Delware River and they took British horses. I also learned that there were two battles for Fort Ticondreoga, the first battle was won by the british and the other one by the colonist.Those wars happen on May 10, 1775 and July 5, 1777.


  3. Dear Mrs.Thumm,
    Don't you think that the person who shot the first shot was doing it on purpose? Maybe it was already a plan. Maybe it was a plan bye a red coat.


  4. Dear Mr. Moore, Mrs. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm,
    I learned that the battle was on Massachusetts, Lexington. I also learned that Benedict Arnold betrayed England. Another thing I learned is that Benjamin Franklin won Frances support. Also, France convinced Spain to help them. Another thing I learned was that there were many battles and that we could spent many Brain Pop videos to talk about them all. All these wars were in the years and months of May 10, 1775 and July 5,1777.


  5. Dear Mr. Moore, Mrs. V, Mrs. Thumm,
    I looked at the time line and it hade all of the things that you said and talked about. That was amazing!! I think that all the maps that we were working on finally is going to pay off. I think that linking that website was a great resoure for me. I think that the website could of actully tell or show the image or explane what it was trying to tell us. I looked at one of the websites and read about the causes and efects of the war. I think that this really helps me learn more that I can't get all in school. Thanks so much.


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