Monday, August 26, 2013

B.O.Y. Expository Prompt

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today you will begin working on a writing prompt. You will have today's writing period as well as tomorrow's to complete the assignment.

Here is the prompt:
What are the three things you will do to make sure that you are successful in fifth grade? 

Here are the directions:
1. Create a Google Document
2. Name it: BOY Expository Prompt
3. File it in your writing folder.
4. Begin writing to the prompt
5. Do not change the color, size, font, or anything else on the document

Here are some hints:
1. Make sure you are answering the prompt.
2. Make sure that you write 5 paragraphs. One to introduce your ideas, one for each idea (3) and one to conclude.
3. Show us what you know as a writer! Push your thinking!

Thanks in advance for your hard work!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Chavez

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