Monday, November 4, 2013

Key Time: Post expectations

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are the expectations for your key time blog posts.  We expect one post and a bunch of comments on other blogs from your group for each reading assignment you are given. 

The post needs to be at least 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph should be a quick summary of what you've just read. It needs to cover only the most important information. You should mention anything from the text that shows evidence of the character changing. You should also include any new settings in the book. If there are any events which are directly related to the problem or a possible solution, those should definitely be included.

The second paragraph should be longer than the first - because it is all about your own thinking. This paragraph must include evidence from the text to support your thinking. So instead of just saying that the author has great word choice, you need to quote a sentence or two from the book that gives and example of the great word choice. You can share your thinking about the author's craft, the characters, the settings, etc.

In that second paragraph, you must also link to another blogger from your group. When you provide a link to another blog, you need to write a few sentences explaining why you chose to link to that blogger. Just writing, "look at whoever's blog for more information" is not enough. If you include a link to another person's blog, you need to make sure you've commented on that person's blog. You need to agree or disagree with them, so that you have something worthwhile to write in your comment, and in your own post about their work.

Use the charts we have posted in the classroom when you are trying to craft sentences that explain why you agree or disagree.

You might also include a third paragraph if you've done some additional research on a topic from the book. For example, we have students currently reading about Freak ShowsMt. Everest and Al Capone. You could do some background research and explain all about your new learning.

Your posts need to exemplify your best thinking about what you are reading. Please show the world what great readers and thinkers we have working here in the Dragon Den.

Thanks in advance for your best work!

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Chavez

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  1. Aw, no fair, Mr. Moore. You never let us read Cirque du Freak.
    Anyway, I just got my blog up and running again. Guess who I am ;)
    Hope you have less trouble wrangling this new bunch of rascals than keeping us under control.


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