Sunday, December 8, 2013

Prompt Writing Round Three

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Once again, our literacy rotations will include prompt writing. Here are the directions.

1. Inside your Prompt Writing folder, create a new Google Document. Title it: Prompt Writing 3.

2. Copy and paste the prompt you choose from this post into the document that is now filed in your Prompt Writing folder. Amaze the world with your writing. 

Here are the choices for the third round of prompt writing: (Thanks to Luke Neff for the great prompts!)

What will you do?  This is not a story... It's an informational piece in which you explain what you will do. 

This is a story... It has a beginning, middle, end, characters, problem, solution, and theme. 

Copy and paste one of them into your document, add the date, and get to work! The teachers will be checking your work and adding comments, so make sure to push your thinking, Dragons! 

~ Mr. Moore, Ms Vander Velde, and Ms. Chavez

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