Monday, December 2, 2013

Earth's Resources: Sunlight


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post will provide the directions for your study of sunlight. The final due date is Friday, December 6th, 2013.

By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
  • Identify sunlight as a renewable resource
  • Discuss at least two ways the sun impacts life on Earth
  • Explain two different ways humans capture and use the sun's energy
  • Analyze the function and use of a solar-cell calculator

Essential Questions: 
  • What is the advantage of using sunlight as a resource?
  • How does the sun affect the Earth?
  • How do humans use sunlight?
  • How is sunlight connected to the water cycle?

Here's the scoring breakdown...

1: Create a vocabulary resource and post it on your blog. The blog post should be titled Earth's Resources: Sunlight and it should have the following labels: Earth's Resources, Sunlight, Science. The vocabulary words you need to use are: energylightradiant energyrenewable resource, and solar energy.

2: Complete each of the following BrainPop videos with a score of 90% or better.
a. Sun
b. Solar Energy
c. Natural Resources

3: Complete the Sunlight Exploration with this worksheet.

4: Write a thorough reflection of your learning on the same blog post. Make sure to include each of the vocabulary words and your thinking about each of the resources below. Make sure that you answer each of the essential questions in your post.
Aten-King of the Gods
Summer is the Growing Season: The Sun at Its Peak
Making a Comeback
Running on Empty
Wind and Solar Energy
Different Types of Energy
...And if you're really up for a challenge, here's a 45 minute video that talks about how we might use solar energy in the future.

Push your thinking, Dragons!

Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Chavez


  1. Dear Dragons,
    I hope that everybody does well on this. I also hope that you understand and learn a lot of this unit.
    Good luck !

  2. Dear Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Ms. Chavez,
    I saw the 45 minute video, I did not knew that if they are building new building it could waste energy from us. When I saw the blanket part how could the very cold and fire about 3000 degrees.


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