Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting to Know Us...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At our Restorative Justice Circles, many of you indicated that you would like to be a stronger community. In order to help with that process, we are going to give introduction speeches. Here is the document you can use as you begin to interview your partner. Please choose file --> make a copy as usual and then we can get to work.

~ Mr. Moore


  1. This has a good message it talks about how just be nice to people even if they are having a bad day. It also talks about just let your personality out and let the world see who you really are.

  2. In class we been doing a thing called Celebrations, Accountability, and Inspiration and it talks about how you can celebrate like tell us what something that is going right and that is good to you or for you. The Accountability is like what can we do better and and how we could fix what you did wrong. In Inspiration we talk about like in a sport your coach will get you inspiration to win the sport.


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