Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keytime Nonfiction: Popular Kids and Bullying

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are working on the nonfiction assignments, here is the article you need for the next assignment. Use the table at the end of the document to help organize your thinking.

After you've read the article and you've completed the table, write your blog post. In your blog post, make sure to include evidence from the text and your best thinking. Use headings to organize your post.

Finally, comment on at least three other student's posts. Make sure that you find at least one person to respectfully disagree with. 

Push your thinking, Dragons!

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde

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  1. I have recently read"Dumping the veggies and grabbing some pop-tarts". There are three main ideas. Main idea #1 is: Taking away food that the kids don't like or keeping them? Main idea #2 is: Kids are throwing away millions of dollars. Main idea #3 is: If the food was good kids would eat it.
    Quotes to support these main ideas are: #1: " What can we do about this" Binkle says" We can stop forcing children to take food they don't like and throw it in the garbage." Quote #2 is: " The extra food costs districts $5.4 million a day. But about $3.8 million of this is being tossed in the trash, according to national estimates." Quote #3 Is: " If the food was good food, we'd have no problems." said senior A'lea Rendey, who pulled who pulled a hair from her turkey burger."
    My own thinking about all my main ideas and the quotes from the text is: #1: I thin that they should take away the fruits or vegetables they don't take and throw away and take away the fruits or vegetables they do throw away. My thinking #2 is: I also think that they should eat what they get because like the quote says they are wasting a lot of money that the school spent just for their health. Last, but not least, My own thinking #3 is: I think that the lunch ladies should wear hair nets because what I just read is disgusting and not only that, but they should just wear hair nets in general because there really isn't any reason that they shouldn't. This is my post on "Dumping the veggies and grabing some pop-tarts".


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